1919 Raleigh Junior Boys 16″ Bicycle

1919 Raleigh Junior Boys 16″ Bicycle


What I love most about Junior models is that they’re a miniature version of the adult frames with which we’re more familiar.

This ‘Flying Girl’ was one of a special batch that Raleigh produced for retail sales in department stores rather than their usual trade outlets.



By 1919, the country had recovered sufficiently from WW1 to return to normal production. There was still a shortage of materials, but boys needed bicycles! As soon as the manufacturers were able to make enough full-size frames to satisfy the adult market, junior bicycles started to be made too.

As you can see by only one brake lever on the handlebars, this has a coaster (back-pedal) brake.


Dunlop was the leading manufacturer for junior saddles.




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