1880s Mergomobile Wooden Bicycle

1880s Mergomobile Wooden Bicycle



Not a lot of information is available regarding the Mergomobile. The name suggests German origins. The book Veteran Cycles (compiled by Ray Miller) states: ‘An interesting machine built for a teenager c1880. Both wheels fitted with solid rubber tyres. Powered by treadles, cables, pulleys and ratchet and pawl mechanism.’ It illustrates the example above that was formerly in the Cheddar Museum (since closed), which had a spoon brake on the front wheel and a sprung front fork mounting.

The example illustrated below suggests a manufacture year around 1875. It seems a bit more primitive, so perhaps it’s an earlier one? It also says it’s French. I’ve also seen a picture of one that claims its origin as American. So it’s possible they were originally German, but copied in various other countries.

I usually manage to unearth more information about obscure vehicles eventually, so I’ll let you know when I’ve discovered more about it.


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