Victorian (c1900) Child’s Tricycle

c1900 Victorian Child’s Tricycle


Traditionally, on the rear dust-sheet of a book you might ‘meet the author.’ Internet websites and blogs are often more anonymous, so I hope this serves to ‘personalize’

My renewed interest in vintage bicycles coincided with the birth of our daughter in August 2007. Bicycles are much more suitable for our family outings than old motorcycles. Photos will invariably be added to reflect our pedal-assisted travels. And, no doubt, a few will also reflect young Delphy’s progress to different modes of transport.

She attended vintage shows from two weeks old (the VMCC stand at the Ace Cafe Reunion Run) but this is her first actual vintage ride, in July 2008, age 11 months, at Rottingdean and Saltdean Show, being pushed around on her Victorian trike.





My other child’s tricycle is from the Edwardian era, pictured in the foreground below. (The 1928 Raleigh Ladies Cross-frame and the 1940s BSA Gents have their own pages).


No more pics of the Victorian until it comes out of storage when the weather warms up, but here are a few more of the 1910’s tricycle:


It’s fitted with a Wrights saddle Number 19.




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