1919 Peugeot Gents Cycle with 1923 la Cyclette engine

1923 la Cyclette on 1919 Peugeot Frame

I sold this to a friend in March 2008, and have included this article here for reference (first published on one of my other websites).


This is a 1923 la Cyclette, a French engine attachment fitted to a 1919 Peugeot cycle.


It was restored by a friend in France.


It is so rare that I haven’t found any information about it on the internet.



I do like the famous ‘Lion of Peugeot,’ which is generally to be found somewhere on old Peuegot machines.


I visited the VMCC library on my way back from the VMCC Founders Day autojumble (2007) to do some research, but I couldn’t find anything about la Cyclette there either. Beaulieu Autojumble did not turn up anything either.

However, by a remarkable co-incidence, I bought a 1950’s French cyclemotor magazine. When I got back home, it had arrived in the post and I opened it …what should I find inside, in a historic review of French moteurs auxiliaires, but an advert for la Cyclette!



To read more about the history of the cyclemotor, please CLICK HERE on http://www.Under50.cc



You could have knocked me over with a feather when I discovered another la Cyclette for sale!
Of course, I bought it – because it has the correct petrol tank. And it will be useful for spares.




Armand Peugeot returned from Leeds in England in 1882 to his native France to capitalize on the new  two-wheeled inventions that were set to revolutionize transportation throughout the world. The first two-wheeler was a penny-farthing. By 1900, Peugeot started to turn his attention to motorcycles and cars and the bicycle business eventually separated, becoming ‘Cycles Peugeot’ in 1927.

While Terrot advertisements were profuse, Peugeot cornered the market in beautifully-designed adverts and posters. These days they provide a wonderful insight into motoring history.

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