1928 Raleigh Cross-Frame Ladies (His & Hers X-Frames)

1928 Raleigh Cross-Frame Ladies 22″

His & Hers X-Frames

Ladies Cross Frame bicycles are rarer than Gents models. I can only assume it’s because loop-frame cycles were already available for women, so there were not any practical advantages to owning a Ladies’ Cross-frame. Most Gents bikes of the period, however, had large frames, while a Cross-frame could be mounted more easily by a chap who was shorter in the leg.


This Ladies Cross-Frame is in roadworthy order.

Its frame number is B67816, which makes it a 1928 model.

As you can see below, this bicycle sports the ‘R’ Raleigh lamp-bracket.


The leather saddle is a Middlemore.



Not everyone knows the difference between and Ladies and a Gents Cross-frame. But here you can clearly see how they vary.

As they are both pleasant enough bikes to ride, it’s fun to see the reactions of other cyclists when we take out the pair of them.

To see the 1931 Raleigh Cross-Frame Gents – PLEASE CLICK HERE





This bicycle is now sold

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