1934 All Black Royal Sunbeam 24 inch Model ‘P’ Roadster

1934 All Black Royal Sunbeam 24 inch Model ‘P’ Roadster

Excellent Original Condition and Ready to Ride…

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‘When you first own a Sunbeam your greatest thrill will come from its beauty and its performance,’ says the 1934 Sunbeam catalogue.

It’s interesting to us over 75 years later how the text also mentions the Sunbeam in its old age:

‘…But it is only when it has become an old and trusty friend that you will become fully conscious of that quality which places it in a class by itself – its amazing durability. It is then that you will find that with old age its smart appearance and its unique performance remain unimpaired; and it is then you will realize that its low cost of upkeep has more than compensated for its initial cost.’

With the optional three-speed gears, this All Black Royal, with ‘Special Sunbeam Deep D Section’ mudguards, retailed for £10 10/- in 1934.


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Wheels are 26 inch.

Tyres are 26 x 1 1/2.





For Royal and Golden models, in 1934, the rear carrier cost 6/- 6d.

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