1937 Monet Goyon Type MO7

1937 Monet Goyon Type MO7

I’m not sure of the year of this Monet Goyon bicycle. The advert below shows a very similar model, except for the chaincase; it’s the closest I’ve found so far. If I find further information that clarifies it further, I’ll amend this page accordingly.

The MG has some very fancy lugwork, a style which was fashionable at the time.

As you can see, the paintwork is original, and still sports the Monet Goyon signature.

It’s an attractive ‘fishtail’ style of chainguard.



During the First World War, Adrien Goyon financed engineer Joseph Monet to manufacture disability vehicles for war veterans. Their company Monet & Goyon was formed in 1917.


Their first engine, in 1919, was a 117cc autowheel, which they also used in their Automouche and Vélauto three-wheeled scooters up to 1925 (above). This was sometimes proclaimed as the World’s first scooter (1919), though it wasn’t: the American 1916 Autoped was actually the first.

Over the years the company made a variety of odd-looking three wheelers (triporteurs). Above, you can see a Velocimane Model E, while below is a 270cc Cyclecarette.*

Monet Goyon manufactured various motorcycles up to the 2nd World War including, from 1931 onwards, a series of 98cc Villiers-powered BMA’s (‘Bicyclette Moteur Auxiliaire’ – the equivalent of our pedal-assisted autocycles). They had always been interested in the ‘lower end’ of the market, ie making cheap machines to get poorer folks on the road.

Below, you can see an example of the first postwar ‘moteur auxiliaire’ a Monet Goyon Motorox.

For more details of the Motorox, PLEASE CLICK HERE



* Triporteur pictures with thanks to the Monet Goyon Club – http://www.monet-goyon.net/

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