1939-1945 BSA Airborne Folding Paratroopers Bike

1939-1945 BSA Airborne Folding Paratroopers Bike (‘Parabike’)

This Airborne now sold to a customer in Indonesia. Its photos are parked here as public archive material.

As is common with these bikes, it has been repainted at some time, so I can’t see any of the original transfers. I don’t know if they would still be visible if you scraped off the paint; this was the case after removing the paint recently on another of my bikes.


Close up views of BSA lamp bracket, handlebars, levers, grips, handlebar tommy bar retainer, front wheel & brakes


Close up views of original sliding pedal footpegs, BSA chainset, upper and lower folding retainers.

The sliding foot-pegs are not the originals, but manufactured repros. They have been fitted with tape …I assume to make it easier to use them when riding. As you can see, once the tape is removed, they slide in and out easily.


Close up view of Brooks saddle


Close up views of frame number, rear tyre, rear drop outs, rear brakes, rear wheel, rear hub.


Here’s the BSA Airborne alongside my 1939 Military Mk IV.


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