1949 Le Poulain 50cc Model A

1949 Le Poulain 50cc Model A – Cycle Attachment


Wherever I take it, this machine always attracts stares. It certainly has an outlandish appearance.


I’ve always liked le Poulain cyclemotors. The company was a well-respected upmarket manufacturer. The first le Poulain of 1949 was this front-mounted design. Later they developed engines to fit in the conventional moped position: on page 112, you can see my new-old-stock 1952 Select 52 moped, which uses the later le Poulain engine.


The company started producing their range of ‘moteurs auxiliaires’ in 1949, and the Model A was the first model.


Unlike some of the other engines fixed over the front wheel, le Poulain is a well-balanced machine.


The only design faults I’ve found in these units is that the original gear levers used to rock the roller-wheel down onto the front tyre have nearly always disintegrated over the half a century they’ve been in existence. You’ll observe a re-manufactured set-up on this one, on the left side of the engine (above).

This Model A was restored in 2007, and the attractive bicycle matches the engine’s interesting ‘fifties futuristic’ style. I’ve never tried to start it. It will probably need a bit of fiddling to get it running.


The follow-up models were introduced after only one year, so the Model A is now particularly scarce.


Same female rider but different engine. Above is the Model A; below you can see the Standard and Luxe models of 1950.


1950 le Poulain Monobloc Standard and Luxe


Compare the ‘Standard’ model in the advert above with the ‘Luxe’ in the advert below.



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