1950’s Gloria Child’s Scooter-Bicycle (French)

1950’s Gloria Child’s Scooter-Bicycle


Here’s another of my French curios.


This little bicycle-cum-scooter has a body made of wood and plastic.


Unfortunately, such a combination of construction materials does not stand the ravages of time too well.


The plastic has already cracked badly.


Rather than try to restore it, I’ll allow it to age gracefully.


It’s packed away in the garden shed at the moment. When baby Delphy is old enough – another 4 years or so, I suppose – I’ll bring it out again and set it up for her to ride and we can take it to some shows.


Actually, it might come out of storage sooner. I’m not sure if I’ll be exhibiting at the Vintage Scooter Show in Coventry this year. If I do, I’ll take the Gloria along too.


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