1950s Triumph (Raleigh) Ladies & Gents Bike: His & Hers

This is a wonderful ‘His & Hers’ pair of 1950’s Triumph cycles, manufactured after Triumph had been taken over by Raleigh.

I’ve seen some enthusiasts turn their noses up at 1950s Triumphs as ‘they’re no longer true Triumphs.’ Yes, they do have Raleigh styling. As it happens, I really like 1950s Raleighs and a fifties Raleigh with Triumph badges, transfers, lamp bracket and chainset is, in retrospect, an excellent novelty.

I bought this pair for my friend Pat in France, and will be taking them over to him (with quite a few others) in a few weeks.


1950s Triumph (Raleigh) Gents Model Light Roadster

I found this one near Aylesbury. It had been dry-stored for many years.

I actually went there to buy a different bike, and just happened to notice this one lurking in the back of the shed.

It still has the original supplier’s emblem on the rear mudguard (Baker’s Cycles of Aylesbury)


1950s Triumph Light Tourist Ladies Model RTL

This delightful Ladies Triumph came from Sussex.

It was still in use until recently.

IMG_4397 copy1.jpg

IMG_4403 copy2.jpg


These two Triumphs have packed their pumps, and are very excited to be going off together to ‘Gay Paree…’


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