1954 Raleigh Superb with Trojan Mini-Motor

1954 Raleigh Superb with Trojan Mini-Motor

I have a few Raleigh Superbs. This is the most superb of them, as it has been restored with no expense spared.

03 copy.jpg

Though a bicycle that makes my blood rush most is always a well-preserved original example with good transfers, one that is restored into showroom condition with a cyclemotor engine attached comes a close second.

01 copy.jpg

To my eye, a restored bicycle without an engine attachment is never as attractive as a motorized one.

02 copy.jpg

A colour co-ordinated engine and frame always stands out.

04 copy.jpg

I bought this as part of a large collection, from someone who’d decided to sell up.

05 copy.jpg

I eventually sold or exchanged the rest but kept this one.

M20 copy.jpg

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