1956 Harding Model C TWS Tricycle

1956 Harding ‘Model C’ TWS Tricycle

I already have a Harding, with Cyclemaster attached, as per their specification for 1956. (see next page, entitled ‘1956 Harding Model C TWS Tricyle Motorized’). So I didn’t really need another.*

However, I’m a nutcase for this type of thing and, before I knew it, I’d bought it and was heading in the direction of Wiltshire to pick it up. It had been owned by Bernard, in Swindon, for many years, and he’d taken it to many steam rallies.

In the above photo, at Bernard’s house, you can see it looking rather more posh with its lights and basket fitted.

It’s in lovely condition, and I’ve enjoyed riding it.



What do you do when offered a vintage obscurity that did not exactly set the world on fire in its day?

Your response determines how badly you suffer from ‘Mustad Syndrome.’

I’m not the only one suffering from this debilitating disease. I quote my penpal, Bo, in Sweden:

“Yes I did. Would you be able to say no if somebody offered you a Mustad?
Have a nice sleep. Bo”

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