* 5. Commercial Delivery Tricycles



The industrial tricycle was developed in England in the 1870s. It was commonly used by grocers, bakers, druggists and other tradesmen. In 1939 in London, there were 4,000 ice cream tricycles. The commercial version is still used all over the world, but especially in Asia where they can carry loads of up to 1,000 pounds.


The photos here are of my 1905 Alldays Delivery Tricycle, which was used by a firm of Gent’s Outfitters in Liverpool.


I did a search on the name Watson Prickard when I bought the Alldays. I was surprised to discover that the company still exists, though they closed their Liverpool shop and are now in Southport.



You’ll observe in the Alldays catalogue at the top of the page, commercial handcarts or, as they’re called there, Hand Parcel Carriers.

In poor countries such as Nepal and India, such handcarts are still in use. I took the photo below in Nepal.

You can see more photos of commercial tricycles and handcarts on my website




You’ll see quite a few photos of this type of commercial delivery three-wheeler on the indiantriporteurs website below:




This Pashley 3-wheeler was used for local supermarket deliveries. As I’m more of a motorcyclist than a cyclist, there’s always a temptation to put a cyclemotor engine on something like this. Especially as we live on the side of a very big hill. However, the Pashley is so charming already that so far I’ve resisted the temptation.



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