1929 Poirier 3-Wheeler (3 Roues) Invalid Carriage

1929 Poirier Modele F2 3-Wheeler Invalid Carriage

Voiturette a Volant: 2 Vitesses, Roue Libre, Marche Arriere

The Poirier was first manufactured in France in 1928. The company primarily manufactured invalid carriages but they also advertised various 3-wheelers for general sale. In 1935 back-to-back versions and monocars were superseded by the Monoto single and tandem-seater voiturettes. These vehicles were built on tubular frames with steel body work. Prior to World War 2 the Poirier was powered by a 175cc Train or Sachs engines as well as Peugeot and Gnome-et-Rhone engines. Along with shaft transmission, these were replaced after the war with 98cc Sachs and 125cc Ydral engines. The company ceased production in 1958.


My Poirier is a really odd vehicle. It has a steering wheel, gears and brakes …but no pedals and engine. It is the most ‘car-like’ unmotorized vehicle I’ve ever come across.


poirier_catalogue1 copy





So how do you drive it?


Forward motion is obtained by pushing the steering wheel backwards and forwards!


But it has reverse too.


Stop the vehicle (brake levers are fitted on both sides of the seat frame), use the gear-stick to select reverse gear …and push and pull the steering wheel as before, this time motivating the Poirier in a rearward direction.


The Poirier is is complete as far as I can tell except for a set of tyres (easily obtained) and ready for an easy restoration.


You don’t need a license, registration or helmet to drive one of these!


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