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My original intention with this museum website was to create a database so we all have a point of reference for obscure cycle marques as well as the better-known ones. But, having subsequently discovered how many thousands of bicycle manufacturers existed, I now realize it’s a venture likely to take longer than my mortal lifespan 🙂

But I’ll keep plodding on with it. This page will add details from cycle manufacturers I’ve not covered elsewhere.


Just a note to say what a great website you have and such a fantastic collection of vintage bicycles some of which ive never seen before . Iv just finished restoring a 1930s 40s French bicycle of the marque Favor with a leopard or other big cat on the front brass plaque, after hours trawling the net looking for information on the make all i can find is they operated from 1919 to 1959 and nothing else . have you seen any other Favor bicycles on your travels and have you any other useful information on the makers this would be appreciated. When i bought the bike it was a complete non rider but although like you i like to save original patina this one had already been defaced with heavy duty black tar paint so a complete renovation was needed. Ive just completed the Manchester to Blackpool ride on it which was 62 mile without a hitch so thats how reliable these old bicycles can be once restored. Ill try sending picture of me with the bike so you can see what it looks like . and again good luck with the website Kind Regards Andy

favor 012

favor 004


Nice restoration Andy.

I don’t have the company’s history, though i do have quite a bit of history of their motorcycle models from 1934 onwards.

There is no history published on the internet for the vast majority of small French marques.

I don’t have a Favor so i’ve not researched them.

If i come across a cycle brochure i’ll let you know.

But I do have some pictures for you.

Pierre Bellenger designed some famous posters for the company in the heyday of poster art.

I’ve attached some posters for you, as well as other Favor ads.

Bellenger. Cycles Favor Motors, 1937 (la belle mechanique)

Marthey, L. Favor Cycles, 1925.

Also, you can buy a retro tee short with favor logo on it here –

Happy riding,








Dear Colin,

Thank you for your magnificent museum. I am an American collector with bicycles ranging from the hard-tire safety era through the fine lightweights of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. But my interest has turned, of late, to the much neglected roadsters, especially those created in Europe before WW II. Recently I acquired a lovely pair of Achilles bicycles…a Gents and Ladies models in original paint, with original components (including matching carbine lamps!). This pair of bicycles was brought to America during the eighties by a Czech couple who participated in one of our Wheelmen events. They sold the bicycles to a friend of mine in order to finance their trip. They said the bikes were made in 1939, but the Torpedo hubs are stamped “1940.” Do I date them from the hubs? Could you tell me please where Achilles bicycles were made? Any information you could send me on Achilles bicycles will be greatly appreciated. Warmly, Daniel Dahlquist, Galena, Illinois


Achilles was a British manufacturer in the early years. The Achilles Bicycle Co was at 95 Islington Rd and after that 86 New Street in Birmingham, from 1888-89.

However, if your bike has a torpedo hub then it’s of German origin.

I put ACHILLES WERKE into google and found the following, which is the Achilles moped –

Another website mentions BOHEMIA which was Czechoslovakia. So maybe they had a factory there too? Often the case that German manufacturers had extra Czech factories or moved there before or after the war.

I hope that now you know how to do a google search for your bicycles, you can find out more yourself.


Achilles (D) Achilles (D)

Name: Name: Achilles Werke, Weikert & Co. KG / Achilles-Werke West GmbH Achilles works, Weikert & Co. KG / Achilles-Werke GmbH West
Baujahr: Year: 1953-1957 1953-1957
Land: Country: D D
Stadt: City: Wilhelmshafen-Langewerth


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