1950s BSA Ladies Safety Shopping Bicycle

1950s BSA Ladies Safety Shopping Bicycle


I’ve always liked the styling of the Ladies Safety Shopper.


It’s a very attractive bicycle, particularly with its extra BSA emblems and embellishments.


I found this one in Poole, Dorset.


I have the basket that fits on the front, but I think it also looks quite attractive without.


If you’re after your first vintage BSA bicycle, this model is a good one to start with.


They’re not particularly rare, though they’re obviously not all in as good original unrestored condition as this.


If you take your BSA motorcycle to steam rallies or local shows in the summer, a BSA bicycle might be the ideal thing for the non-motorcyclist in your family to ride around the parade ring….


…And once you’ve got them hooked on summer vintage shows, I’m sure you could subtly introduce them to the pleasures of vintage motorcycling or cyclemotoring.


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