1956 Harding Model C TWS (Two Wheel Steering) Tricycle

1956 Harding Model C TWS (Two Wheel Steering) Tricycle

I’ve already gone down on record as saying that the Harding Front-steering Tricycle is the most stupid machine ever built. And I stand by this assessment. It’s an entirely daft contraption that did not deserve to proceed beyond the testing stage of development.

Of course, although it’s dangerous to ride, its design faults make it very collectable.

And despite a very ungainly appearance, it’s not without a curious charm.

I’ve owned quite a few of these. But this is the only one I’ve seen retaining its head transfer. It proudly proclaims its origin. I’d previously supposed that R.A. Harding didn’t put its name on the machines out of embarrassment.

This one also appears to have been used regularly: someone has gone to the trouble of adding gears.

I bought this one in order to add a Cyclemaster engine and turn it into the motorized Model C.

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